The dichromatic spaces of Ralph Lauren Black will be enlivened by the colorful products of the featured designers. In this case, the colorful art-deco-inspired pieces of M-Rad look back at the influential style of the early 20th century to question how a contemporary art-deco project might look today. As the original movement was based in simple geometric forms, nonlocal colors, extravagant mix-matched materials, and was imbued with an internationalist and industrialist optimism, this collection questions how the digital age, with its inherent distortion of fact, could generate a playful (albeit tongue in cheek) reprise of the optimistic turn of the century style. The resulting furniture collection disrupts its own pure geometry with trompe l’oeil color variations. Making an ironic reference to computer-generated graphics and video game aesthetics, the furniture’s contrasting colors feign a cartoonish representation of light and shadow.