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Creating built environments which promote and enhance human health and well-being is Nada's deepest aspiration. Nada is an awarded and passionate Egyptian designer and researcher with ten years of extensive experience working in a variety of architecture, interior design, and prototyping projects. Nada was one of the first urban entrepreneurs in the field of online interior design services in Egypt and although she started with limited resources, she was able to build a brand into success. Nada also holds a solid theoretical background, with a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from AAST in Egypt and Master of Science in Architecture Design, Research and Material Systems from the University of Michigan. In addition, Nada was awarded ARCC for excellence in architectural and interdisciplinary research for creating a wearable prototype to help autistic people cope with their sensory processing disorders. Her work has been recognized internationally and awarded by the 'Reshape Wearable Design Competition' (part of IN3dustry conference in Barcelona). Nada's background has helped her form a unique, human-centered approach to her work- particularly relating to the interaction between design, physical environment, and human behavior.