Gabriel is an accomplished licensed architect with a rich professional history spanning a period nearly 20 years. Born and raised to an architect in downtown Toronto, Gabriel has been engaging in architectural discovery and discourse since infancy whence he would bring his father's models in for play in kindergarten. He is infinitely curious about the world and always seeks out nuanced middle positions that shy from simplistic binaries, while his extensive academic training and classical leanings emphasized rigorous examination and graphical acuity. The breadth of his works cover a diverse territory from the intimate scale of private homes, boutiques and restaurants to civic masterplans, college buildings and community recreation centers in celebrated offices based in Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles and Toronto. Gabriel’s works are detail oriented and concept driven, but fundamentally contextual, specific and situational. His inherited Canadian modesty and stubborn resolve is paramount in leveraging pragmatism and problem solving to achieve bold and innovative designs. 
Despite a fundamental preoccupation and love for the city Gabriel has been known to trek across wild Icelandic landscapes, commune with shamans in the jungles of Peru, and lazily cruise for days on end down the Mekong River in Laos. When he's not at work on some aspect of bettering tomorrow, Gabriel can be spotted exploring Los Angeles accompanied by his exceptionally friendly golden retriever pup Murphy.