March 23, 2022

Matthew Rosenberg


Matthew was born and raised in Saskatoon, Canada spent nine years studying architecture and environmental design. Matthew left Saskatoon in 2000 to study and work across 24 cities and 14 countries, studying Environmental Design and Architecture through various programs.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (University of Saskatchewan), a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture (Dalhousie University), and a Masters of Architecture (SCI-Arc) which he received alongside a Selected Thesis Award. He has also studied architecture at McGill University in Montreal and the Louvre in Paris. In 2012 he was ready to bring his architectural influence back to the West and headed straight for Los Angeles to launch M-Rad and start implementing his vision of reconceptualizing the industry of Architecture.

Matthew is currently the acting design principal and owner of M-Rad and resides in Los Angeles, California where he celebrates the fact that he can climb a mountain, run on a beach, and explore the thriving urban culture in a single day.